Will you Marry Me?

Now that the Supreme Court has spoken and the California 9th Circuit Court has reissued marriage licenses, I propose that we begin consciously using language that supports the equality that has been the birthright of every human being. The Principles of Life and the laws of the land sometimes don’t match up for a period of time and now we are awakening to a dawn of a world that works for all of us not just some of us.

Let’s face it, in the throws of daily activities most people endeavor to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. As we individually and collectively move forward in the pursuit of happiness most people are not looking to harm other in such desperate pursuit of their own happiness.

What does it matter to you what love looks like, or feel like to another person? Love is Love in the long run! Yes there have been extreme cases of perceived love – an example that comes to mind is the parent whooping a child while saying “I’m only doing this because I love you!” Hummm if I am that child I know there is another way I can actually learn a lesson vs being whooped out of frustration or anger.

Oh yeah this started out about equality and love and yet it can be so deeply rooted in child rearing. My point being that marriage in California is available to men and women of legal marriage age. I hope we can just call it marriage now instead of gay marriage or straight marriage or same sex marriage. The more we ourselves begin using inclusive language the more it just becomes what is given and expected. Marriage is available! It is marriage.

In my work as a minister who can legally perform marriage ceremonies – I enjoy watching the love that shared between the couples and the invited guests. The energetic is so beautifully delicious that people are just loving the liveliness and power of Love itself. When I officiate marriage ceremonies the main factor is the love that is present and it is palpable. It comes from me, from the couples, from the friends and family and that is the most important factor as we all pursue happiness.

This is indeed happiness – to love and be loved and to experience love as freely under the human laws as well as the Universal Law of Love. I continue to enjoy love in my life and it goes without saying that there is also something meaningful when others around me support mymarriage and encourage the success of our marriage in the pursuit of our happiness. If everyone had that type of encouragement and support what a great people we would be.

I am happy to witness the milestone we have made and look forward to the global awakening of a design for living that works for everyone.

Rev. Sunshine Daye is available to perform marriage ceremonies for loving couples!

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