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Sobriety and Spirituality

A face book friend asked “knowing we are perfect, whole and complete, how do we get up and identify with a disease each time we speak at a meeting?” First I will address the concept of being whole, perfect and

Will you Marry Me?

Now that the Supreme Court has spoken and the California 9th Circuit Court has reissued marriage licenses, I propose that we begin consciously using language that supports the equality that has been the birthright of every human being. The Principles

Alcoholism and Addiction

Many people have asked me to share my experience strength and hope with them as it relates to alcoholism and drug addiction. I believe more is being revealed to me – even now. It has been written that “people drink

Mountain Range, Water, Sunshine and Friends!

Today I reflect on the activities of the weekend. I am always amazed at the beauty and love around me. On Saturday I had the great opportunity to get on the Catalina Express 6:15am boat. I did a 30 minute

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