Meditation is simply a time of stillness and silence with a purpose. Having some time of stillness and silence is important for the integration of new ideas and a new way of life. There are many kinds of meditation. You are encouraged to try the various forms of meditation available. During this practice you will discover the basis to living your genuine life, a song inside of you, an answer, an invention, and a way of being that sets you free from all discord.

Download these MP3s and use them as your meditation practice. I will guide you in and out of a 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute meditation. When you use them don’t be concerned about going over time or not using enough time. In each guided meditation  I will chaperon you into a deep practice. This is the basis to living your genuine life! Meditate as a daily practice and enjoy the benefits or keep doing what you are doing and continue getting what you are getting… It is completely up to you.

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Available Meditation Audio Files:

Begin Within 5 Min Meditation
Begin Within 10 Min Meditation
Begin Within 15 Min Meditation
Begin Within 20 Min Meditation

Meditation tips:

  • Allow your mind to rest in the spaces between thoughts.
  • Clear away anything  physically and mentally in the way of a time of deep silence.
  • Get in a comfortable position, in a chair or on the floor, use a pillow or mat.
  • Gently close your eyes or leave them open but still.
  • Breathe naturally. Notice the air as it enters your nose. Put your attention there. Gently use your breath as the focus until it just is.
  • You may hear noises, sounds, or sense movement around you. Accept it as the way life is confirming itself. It is a confirmation of your life, be joy-filled about it and approach it tenderly.
  • Have the stillness and the silence be internal, in your mind and body.

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