Reverend Sunshine Daye

Rev. Sunshine Daye offers many varied services to enrich your spiritual world!

International Speaker

  • Available for Sunday Worship Services
  • Keynote & Conference Engagements
  • Team Building Invigoration
  • Inspirational Public Speaking
  • 12-Step Inspirational Speaking
  • Social Spiritual Events


  • Prayer – Learn basic to more advanced forms of prayers that assist in anchoring your practice, beliefs and improve your life.
  • Meditation and Visioning Workshops – Learn various practices and methods used to catch/listen and receive direction for your highest good.
  • Spirituality & Recovery – Learn the many similarities between spirituality and 12 step programs.
  • Human Relations Training – Uncover the many ways we: hide and deny our bias; internalize oppression; keep oppression alive and well by our actions, thought and beliefs; recognize racism, ageism, heterosexism and more; build respect & understanding with people of all races, religions, and cultures.
  • Facilitator Training – Improve/develop your facilitation skills and techniques
  • Custom Workshops for your Community – board retreats, team building, mediation, and more.


  • Wedding – As your officiate, your special day is sure to be a memorable event of a lifetime! My ceremonies are customized to suit your sense of style and romance. I am willing to travel the world for your wedding day!
  • Commitment Ceremonies/Holy Unions – Your special day is sure to be an outstanding event to remember for years to come! All commitment ceremonies are customized to your style.
  • Children Blessings – Appointing God-Parents to young ones is an important part of the spiritual upbringing of children. This ceremony is a precious, sweet and simple blessing of the children.
  • Rites of Passage – puberty, 13, 16, 18, 21, 25 these ages are some examples of the times where a “Rites of Passage” can be consecrated and celebrated in life. These ceremonies are customized to fit your dreams!
  • Kwanza – Celebrate the 7 days of this holiday with an official ceremony honoring these sacred days.
  • Naming – Have you recently changed your name? Are you ready to claim a new name or reclaim your birth name? This naming ceremony makes this process in your life a sacred time.
  • Funerals/Home-Going – Why make this a difficult thing to go through? This ceremony respectfully celebrates and honors the life of your loved one in a precious way that pays tribute to the dearly departed.

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