By means of your spiritual practice - you live your genuine life!

About Me


What I know!

After learning spiritual principles when I got sober, I dedicated myself to bringing my message to people around the world. As a spiritual leader, keynote speaker and workshop leader, I facilitate the uncovering, discovering and discarding of beliefs that no longer serve you. You can move powerfully from the realm of regrets, despair, shame and fear to the world of  freedom, abundance, love and joy.

Here is what I know...

I am Life Itself 

You are Life Itself

I am a spiritual being

You are a spiritual being

I am more than my social & physical identities

You are more than your social & physical  identities 

I am the power that creates

You are the power that creates

I see a world where people are living their best life and loving it!

Conferences, Retreats, Workshops and Keynotes

 Contact me, and we can design an event, retreat, workshop or presentation that awakens humanity to its spiritual magnificence!